"Simple Formula Reveals Massively Effective Steps You Can Do TODAY To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Business-Generating MAGNET..."

Hi, friend!

Have you been trying to build your business on Facebook, but feel like no one’s even listening to you?

You’re in luck!

You’re about to learn the secret sauce that helped me go from social media newbie with NO FACEBOOK ACCOUNT to building a multiple six-figure income using Facebook to attract my ideal clients, grow my business, and create a tribe of raving fans!

(I’m a little jealous, because what I’m going to share with you would have saved me 4 YEARS of spinning my wheels!)

Here’s a hint: it’s all about having a STRATEGY for using Facebook to build your business WITHOUT being a spammer and getting unfriended and rejected!

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to be pushy and sales-y.

But then when you joined your network marketing company, your upline taught you how to be pushy and sales-y…coaching you to spam people’s inboxes or dump all your friends into a Facebook group!

Am I right?

You know it doesn’t work, though, because you’re not making any money with these strategies!

Did you know it’s actually POSSIBLE to draw people to you, with their credit card in hand, ready to buy from you?

(It’s true!)

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have people CHASING them, commenting on their posts, LIKE-ing everything they do, while you can’t tell if anyone is even listening to you?

Are you feeling frustrated because you see other people recruiting on Facebook and growing their business, but you have no clue how to actually make it happen for yourself?

I totally get it…

It’s not your fault! You’ve probably heard a million opinions and even gotten some free advice (and you know…you get what you pay for) about how to recruit and sell on Facebook, and now you’re more confused than ever.

It’s okay. Helping people kill it on Facebook is what I do, so you’re in good hands!

The BEST way to attract red-hot
customers on Facebook

You could read EVERY article out there about Facebook algorithms and best times to post, read endless stacks of books about building a strong network marketing organization, spend HOURS watching every random webinar that comes through your newsfeed and STILL continue to fumble your way around for YEARS (like most people do…)


Use this super simple formula that condenses everything I’ve learned about building a multiple six-figure income using Facebook to recruit, sell and build a tribe of people who can’t WAIT to hear from you!

This isn’t rocket science, my friend…the formula is easier than ordering on Amazon Prime.

Here’s just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover in my
Six-Figure Facebook Posts…

  • The #1 thing most people overlook that will transform your posts from invisible to positive and impactful.
  • My exclusive process for creating a tribe of people who will join you in just about anything. (Posting every week asking “Are you ready to join me yet?” doesn’t work that well…have you noticed?)
  • The TRUTH about selling on Facebook (or anywhere, for that matter) that you probably don’t know…(and it’s probably why you’re turning people off at the moment)
  • PLUS The #1 thing you MUST change to even be considered relevant on Facebook.

Oh… and you’ll also get a sampling of over 20 of my personal and most popular Facebook posts, so you can learn exactly what kind of posts to share with your tribe to keep them engaged, entertained, and interested in what you’re doing!

I can’t take full credit for this formula.

I’ve read until my eyes went blurry, spent probably MONTHS just observing the successful rockstars who’re growing their brand and business through Facebook, hired coaches, attended workshops, and added my own personal experiences to develop this formula, and have been coaching my clients and teams to their own 6-figure success with it.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t massively change your influence and impact (and your business) through Facebook in just one day... This easy-to-implement training contains over 6 YEARS of research, trial-and-error, blood, sweat, and tears!  It’s truly the best of the best, and it’s so simple and FAST, that you can start making things happen right. now. Seriously.

Now you could go out and spend 4 years refining your approach, spending money, and fumbling around like I did…

Or… you could just take advantage of the fact that I’ve already done all the heavy lifting for you, and benefit from the secrets and strategies I’ve gathered over the years.

Imagine how much faster and easier it’ll be when you follow a proven formula…(why in the world would you bother reinventing the wheel?!?) 

After using my Six-Figure Facebook Posts, you will:

  • FINALLY have a clear idea on how to make Facebook work for you! No more forgetting to post, stressing over what to post, and aimlessly searching the internet for that “golden nugget” that will change your uninspiring profile.
  • Reach your goals (duh!)! Once you implement this formula, you’ll be on the path to becoming a VOICE with a powerful message…one that people are eager to hear and be part of!
  • Plus, you’ll immediately receive my wildly popular Facebook Post Sampler, so you can see this attraction system in action!

You’ll learn exactly how I was able to replace my teaching salary (psh…chump change!) and build a MULTIPLE 6-figure business through Facebook!

Why it’s Just $7

I’m charging only $7 for this training for 3 reasons:

1.  $7 puts the training within reach of the vast majority of people.

2.  Anyone who’s not serious enough about reaching their goals to invest $7 into this formula isn’t going to take the time to use the tools I’ve given anyway!

3.  On the flip side, anyone who IS serious enough to purchase the formula for less than the price of two vente caramel macchiatos has the opportunity to know my secrets (a system proven over and over again) …and also how to implement them for yourself right away!

If you’re scratching your head about the price and thinking, “$7 is so cheap! What’s the catch?”, then you’re overthinking this! Grab the goods now, because the value is EASILY $197.

Seriously, if you’re ready to build a business that pays your bills AND funds your vacations, and will replace your current salary, then click the “Add to Cart” button below. And if you really need to justify this $7 expense, simply skip the frappachino’s this week, k?

Timing is everything! I can’t stress enough the time-sensitivity of this offer. You’re here because you’re ready to change NOW…why would you put this off? And truly, how long are you going to wait for ME to figure out how wildly underpriced this program is before I jack up the price?

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee
If for any reason you think my program isn’t the best $7 you’ve ever spent, send me an email and I’ll refund you the entire whopping $7 in cash. Seriously. I won’t even bat an eye.
I’m fair like that.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to get my Six-Figure Facebook Posts for just $7.

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A little warning: You will get stuck.

You heard me right. Anything worth doing is going to be hard, and you’ll probably get stuck a few times. Shoot, you’re stuck now, but this time you’re getting HELP. I mean, for $7, you’d be a bit foolish NOT to take the help.

You've got two choices: Keep doing what you’re been doing, or get this formula. It’s time to get serious about building your business on Facebook. Get it together once and for all and make something BIG happen this year.

This $7 Six Figure Facebook Posts training is the only thing standing between you and a Facebook profile that brings BUSINESS TO YOU!

Let’s do this!

Heather Quisel

One more thing: There’s more REAL, actionable information in this formula that you’ll get in the next dozen webinars you watch. My Six-Figure Facebook Formula has worked for me and other people just.like.YOU, it’s completely guaranteed, so you’ve got nothing to lose. #nobrainer

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