Plan A Week's Worth Of Social Media Content In One Hour!
...and stop overthinking the whole 
"what-should-I-post-this-morning?" situation!
  • Plan Your Posts In Advance
  • Create A Consistent Online Presence (even when you're not present!) 
  • Copy / Paste Your Posts From Anywhere You Are, In Seconds
My 3 Post Planning templates
To Simplify (And Organize)
Your Content Creation Process
Are you ready to create a week's worth of consistent and engaging updates in less than an hour, so you're always ahead of the social media posting game AND ready to post anywhere, anytime?
Google Doc
My Google Doc Template that allows you to bank content GOLD for your audience. Create a week's worth of posts up front, and launch all week long right from your phone.

Not a user of the Google Drive? You should be! My entire business life is stored there!
Trello Board
Trello user? I've got a Trello board for you that's set and ready to hold a week's worth of content that you can post from anywhere...PLUS drop your content ideas into your boards right when you get the inspiration. No more forgetting all your brilliant post ideas!
Printable PDF
Love paper and pen? My OG paper content planner is the perfect PDF download for those who want organized, planned ahead posts that can be pinned to a cork board, your vision board, or even to your fridge!
Hi. I'm Heather.
In 2010, I was a virtual nobody with no sales or marketing background, and no business starting an online business. I had zero social media presence (not even a MySpace account), but I had a strong desire to learn to make people come to ME to buy my products and programs.

In the past decade, I’ve created two powerful and profitable online businesses, one that’s created over $2.5 million in product sales.

My secret?

A clear and consistent social media presence. This single tool (the OG PDF file) I'm giving you was the exact plan and template I used to generate my first 6 figures using Facebook organically.
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